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AGT Season One Winner Bianca Ryan Has New Music

For the first time in 12 years, America’s Got Talent season one winner Bianca Ryan has released new music after a comeback on the premiere episode of NBC’s AGT The Champions that has everyone talking. Bianca Ryan won AGT during the first season in 2006 at the age of 11.

Following what Bianca calls a “whirlwind” career for several years after winning the talent competition Bianca noticed that her voice wasn’t working right. It was discovered that a vocal chord had become paralyzed which required surgery. The doctor informed her that there was a chance that she might never sing again which was devastating to her.

Bianca says while she was recovering and had no voice “all I could do was write songs.” Now, some of those songs are included in a new digital release called “The Reintroduction Part One”. Yes, it includes the cover of “Say Something” as heard on AGT The Champions.

At 24 Bianca Ryan is getting a second chance that so many could only dream of and it is well-deserved. You can stream the new album now on Spotify and Apple Music now. If you are feeling nostalgic you can also stream Bianca’s debut album from 2006 here.

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