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This Is Why ABC Keeps Dick Clark’s Name In New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Broadcast

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It’s an American tradition since 1972 and it shows no signs of fading as many American’s consider ABC’s annual broadcast of “Rockin’ New Years Eve” as the best way to ring in the new year. Dick Clark who started the tradition passed away in 2012 and while Ryan Secrest is the host ABC continues to use Dick Clark’s name in the show’s name.

In an interview with THP producer Mark Bracco explains why.

I watched Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve as a kid on the couch, with my family. Whether you’re celebrating at a big party, or with your family at home, everyone watches because it is an American tradition. It’s one of the reasons we’ve kept Dick Clark’s name on the show even after he passed away a few years ago, even now that Ryan Seacrest is our host. We feel a great responsibility on New Year’s Eve because we know that we’re the show that’s bringing families and Americans together to celebrate the end of the year, and then celebrate the start of the New Year. Really, we just want to entertain people with the best music and a safe space for everyone of all ages to watch together.

Bracco continues explaining what has remained the same throughout the evolution of NYRE over the years.

What I think will never change is the ball drop. It all leads up to the ball drop and gets sort of bigger and more spectacular every year. To have all of our talent onstage as the confetti comes down and everyone sings “Auld Lang Syne” and then “New York, New York,” it’s something that through the best times in our country, and through the most trying times in our country, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve has always been there to usher in the hope and promise of the New Year. That’s what the foundation of the show has always been.

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