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You Need To Hear This Original Piano Concerto By Teen Composer Alma Deutscher

Alma Deutscher July 2017

Alma Deutscher July 2017

She has been called the modern-day Mozart she has appeared on television around the world including the Ellen Degeneres show. In a generation that is obsessed with pop music 13-year-old Alma Deutscher is making classical music relevant again with original pieces she composes herself. Alma says she has been receiving original compositions for years and while critics say that this type of music is outdated she believes that classical music is a lost art beautiful adding that music should always be beautiful and make us happy. Alma says that there is so much negativity in the world all you need to do is turn on the news. Her music is meant to be a work of art and not focus on negativity as so many lyric-based songs do.

In July of 2017 Alma premiered an original piano concerto and now for the first time, we have that performance on video. Take the time to listen and share this deep and compelling performance.

Going into detail about the music piece Alma explains what each section (movement) of the lengthy composition represents. Students of music will appreciate the information provided below:

“The first movement represents the conflict between darkness and light. The orchestral introduction has just two happy bars of Es-Dur in the beginning, but it then plunges into darkness on the third bar. The rest of the introduction is in minor, mostly in E-flat minor. But the entrance of the piano brings back the light, with a much happier version of the orchestral theme. The darkness tries to come back at some points, especially at the very end, but the light finally overcomes it.”

“I finished the second movement, the Adagio, in February this year (2017). Its main theme came to me when I was very sad: I was improvising on my grandmother’s piano, in her house, a few days after she died. The movement is in a rather unusual key, B-flat minor, which is perhaps not so comfortable for the orchestra, but it’s the key in which I first heard the melody in my head, and I did not want to change it.”

“The third movement is two years older – it is a mixture between a Rondo and jocular variations over a theme, which I heard in the middle of the night when I was eight years old. During the movement, there is quite a lot of argument between the soloist and the orchestra. But in the end, the soloist and the orchestra make peace, and continue playing happily together”

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