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Watch “Coop & Cami” Star Ruby Rose Turner’s First Disney Channel Wand ID

Ruby Rose Turner in her first Disney Channel want ID

Ruby Rose Turner in her first Disney Channel wand ID

You know you’ve made it on Disney Channel when you get your first “Wand ID”. Wand ID’s are those bumpers you see right before a show starts on the network where a Disney star says “This is ____ and you are watching Disney Channel”. It’s been a staple for decades now and stars from all the popular series get one and now you can count Ruby Rose Turner among the elite group. Her new series “Coop and Cami Ask The World” just premiered on Disney Channel and now we get our first look at Turner’s ID which she calls “A dream come true”. Watch the wand ID below.

a dream come true !! i was ready when this day came because when i was little i used to stand in my living room and practice what i would do when it was my time one day. i am so happy i can’t even explain. i know you will love the show and i’m so happy to share this experience w you guys !!

Posted by Ruby Rose Turner on Saturday, October 13, 2018

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