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Avril Lavigne Drops Official Video For ‘Head Above Water’

Avril Lavigne 'Head Above Water' music video

Avril Lavigne ‘Head Above Water’ music video

Today not only marks Avril Lavigne’s 34th year of life but its also the day the official music video for her inspirational track Head Above Water was released.

The video has only been available for less than an hour and its already reached up to 8 million views on YouTube with the numbers still climbing.

In the beginning, we see Avril in a dark Cave holding a lantern while daunting a beautiful white dress. She eventually makes her way out of the cave and runs through a stunning scenery of hillsides and water.

At one point in the video, Lavigne is submerged under water and appears to be drowning while different colors flash creating a visual that is truly breathtaking.

At the end we see Avril finding the surface finally freeing herself from the waves, but what really stuck out to us is the light shining down afterward; obviously a representation of God’s salvation and mercy.

If you haven’t already checked out the video watch it below:

Let’s continue sharing Head Above Water and make sure it gets the recognition it deserves, and let’s all wish Avril Lavigne a very happy birthday.

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