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Sneak Preview: Brand-New Peppa Pig Episode Airs October 1

Peppa Pig - Nickelodeon

Peppa Pig – Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has released two clips from an upcoming all-new episode of the popular series Peppa Pig. The clips feature Peppa and her friend Suzy Sheep and another features Peppa and her family on a train ride accompanying Daddy Pig on a business trip. You can watch both clips below:

Airing on Nickelodeon at noon Eastern on Monday, Oct. 1, the show has snorts of laughter, Peppa-isms and muddy puddles. According to USA Today who published the exclusive first look at the new episodes.

Peppa Pig” is wrapping up Season 7 on Nickelodeon. Season 8 will come soon.


In the first, called “Suzy Goes Away,” Mummy Sheep gets a new job that will move Peppa Pig’s best friend, Suzy Sheep, far away. Peppa wonders how they’ll carry on being best friends after Suzy moves away.

The second clip, from “Long Train Journey,” shows Peppa Pig asking the ubiquitous road trip question, “Are we there yet?” In the story, Daddy Pig goes on a work trip to test some very important concrete and Peppa, brother George and Mummy Pig all go along.

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