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Former Nickelodeon Producer Butch Hartman Gets Rights To Animated Series That Was Never Aired

Splat Flatfoof / Splatypus / Butch Hartman

Splat Flatfoot / Splatypus / Butch Hartman

Butch Hartman who worked at Nickelodeon for twenty years producing popular animated series The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom among others has announced that the network has given him the rights to one of his animated series that never made it to air. Hartman revealed in a new video on Wednesday that a series he worked on for three years was never picked up by the network. The cartoon called “Splatypus” will finally find a home on Hartman’s YouTube channel or his streaming network OAXIS.

Butch shared details about the animated series saying the original concept was an ‘old-school Bugs Bunny’ type of show with a platypus who is a stuntman at a Hollywood studio. Nickelodeon had originally fast-tracked the series to production with plans to premiere it within a year. However, three years went by until Butch was informed that Nickelodeon decided to pass on the series. So much time and money went into the production of the series and Butch couldn’t afford to buy the rights back from the network until now.

Always humble and relying on his faith Butch explains that while he was very disappointed that Nickelodeon never picked up the show it’s important to never badmouth anyone He ended the video with a good piece of advice. “It’s great to develop shows and it’s great to have a vision. “If it doesn’t go forward at that time it might just be for another time and I think that time is now” 

Watch Butch Hartman’s announcement below:


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