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YouTuber Jess Conte Asks For Prayers Opens Up About Immigration Struggle

Jess Conte / YouTube

Jess Conte who is Australian has revealed to fans in a new YouTube video that she is awaiting residency in America and that the process is taking longer than expected. In the video, Jess shares how because of this delay she is not allowed to leave the United States which means that she hasn’t been able to travel home to Australia to see her family since she married her husband fellow YouTuber Gabriel Conte about a year ago.

Jess shares how she has relied on her faith and prayer to help her get through the struggle admitting there have been times where she has asked God “why” but she remains faithful knowing that good things will come out of the situation. Jess says that what you see on social media is only a “highlight” of her life but like everyone else, she has tough days. “I know I just need to keep trusting in God and trusting in God’s timing but it really difficult”. Jess says in the 13-minute video. Jess asks for prayers. Please join us in prayer for both Jess and Gabriel through this immigration process.


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