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Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega Speaks Out About Christian Beliefs During Instagram Live “Everyone’s a Sinner”



Jenna Ortega who is best known for her role as Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel series ‘Stuck In The Middle’ recently gave her fans a lesson about what it means to be a Christian. During an Instagram live on July 6, Ortega responded to a racist comment from a viewer which caused the Disney star to begin explaining what being a believer in Jesus Christ meant to her. The 15-year-old who will be 16 in September began the Instagram live sharing her excitement over getting her driver’s permit and being nervous about her driver’s test and of course getting a car. However, near the end of the livestream things took a negative turn thanks to comments by some viewers.

It all started when a viewer commented “go back to Mexico” which led Jenna to respond “I’m American I was born in the United States” Jenna replied. “I don’t understand why people judge other people based on anything.” Jenna than added that many people have the wrong idea about people who are Christian. When someone brought up the topic of LGBTQ Jenna who was wearing a hoodie that featured a pride flag wasn’t shy about sharing her opinion on the subject either.

“A lot of people because I’m Christian they’re like… A lot of people say you’re Christian you shouldn’t support whatever. Everyone’s a sinner. God doesn’t hate, God loves. He made you he made everyone. Yeah, I am Christian.” Jenna said. “I don’t understand why people feel the need to hate on anybody else.” 

“I can honestly say I don’t have hate for anybody in my heart. If I don’t have the same opinion as someone else I can’t hate them for it.” Jenna added. “We’re all raised differently we all have different situations.”

Jenna also shared her thoughts on how people are often afraid to apologize for something if they were negative towards someone. “A lot of people in our country are afraid to say so like hey I messed up and I’m sorry I did that. If you mess something up say sorry”. “People are lacking love and compassion nowadays which is really sad.”

Jenna tied that in with the current situation over immigration and the detention of children adding “America is too prideful to say that they did something wrong.”

Jenna makes it clear that she is still only 15 and her opinions come from a place of compassion in her heart. She’s still learning and not taking sides adding that she doesn’t usually get political.

You can watch Jenna’s comments in their entirety in the video below:

Jenna recently wrapped the filming of her Disney Channel series “Stuck In The Middle” which is currently airing its final episodes on Disney Channel with the series finale set to air later this year. She also recently completed filming for a TV pilot “Man of the House”.


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Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega Thanks Fans as “Stuck In The Middle” Series Finale Airs Tonight



“Stuck In The Middle” star Jenna Ortega took to Twitter shortly before the series finale was set to air on Disney Channel Monday night. Jenna thanked the fans of the show and shared how grateful she was for her time on the popular family series.

I’m forever grateful for my time on the show, and I wanna thank you guys for all of the support!” Jenna wrote in the tweet which you can see below:

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