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Sabre Norris And The Norris Nuts Release First Ever Music Video “We The #Legends”

April 6, 2018

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Sabre Norris and the Norris Nuts are popular YouTubers from Australia. Sabre first became a viral sensation when she appeared on an Australian news program where her hilarious comments about her dad quickly went viral on YouTube. The viral video caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and has since led to multiple appearances on the program for the Aussie surfer and skateboarder.

Sabre along with siblings Sockie, Biggy and Naz post regularly to their YouTube Channel vlogs sketches and positive videos. The Norris Nuts refer to their followers as #Legends emphasizing the importance of being positive kind and caring to one another.

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To celebrate their message the Norris Nuts have released a music video called “We The #Legends” which explains what being a #Legend means. From being kind, respectful and staying away from drugs this music video is a light of positivity in the world that continues to see negative things in the news. Check out the music video below and if the song gives you hope consider sharing it with friends!


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