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Sabre Norris

Sabre Norris Opens Up About Being Bullied



YouTube sensation Sabre Norris has opened up about being bullied. The Australian surfer and skateboarding star who has hopes of making the 2020 Olympics despite possible medical challenges shared the post on social media where she revealed how she has been a victim a bullying. The post includes an anti-bullying video that she appeared in for a popular Australian television broadcast.

Sabre Norris first went viral a few years ago after an appearance on an Australia news program where during a live interview she called her dad “fat”. The viral moment caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres which has led to multiple appearances on her program here in the United States making Sabre an international sensation. Which now includes a YouTube channel Sabre Norris and the Norris Nuts where Sabre and her siblings post vlogs, post funny sketches and more.

In her social media post, early Thursday Sabre shares how bullying has affected her.

“To be honest there are 2 Sabres a computer one where people think I’m popular than the other real-life one which is the opposite of popular. Sabre writes. The place I fit in the least is at the skatepark and the surf which hurts because this is the place I want to fit in the most. For me, it’s the grown-up boys and adults. I find it embarrassing to talk about bullying because I want people to think I’m cool”

“I’m not saying this because I want anyone to feel sorry for me, I promise I’m happy. I just hope if I share what bullying feels like for me (even if it’s a bit embarrassing) if there are any kids out there who are being bullied and have that bad feeling in your heart that you tell someone about how you feel because that always fixes me and I hope it helps you. . ”

Watch the anti-bullying segment Sabre participated in below.

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