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Netflix Acquires Rights to All-New Benji Film Coming in March



Trevor Decker News previously reported that a new Benji film was in production. Produced by the son of the original creator of the film series which followed the adventures of a lovable dog Benji. Now we have learned that Benji has found his home on Netflix.

If the movie catches on with Netflix subscribers after it premieres in March, the company has the option to partner on sequels or a TV seriesfurthering its foray into kids programming. reports LA Times.

The original Benji films were produced by Joe Camp beginning in the 1970s. The modern-day retelling was produced by his son Brandon Camp.

The reaction Brandon Camp received in meetings was almost the same as what his father heard decades earlier. No one wanted an earnest, low-tech adventure story featuring a shelter dog without superpowers or some snappy interior monologues.

“We were told we had to make it sci-fi, we had to make it animated, we have to make it cool and edgy and sarcastic and we had to put a voiceover so adults will like it too,” Brandon Camp said. “Of course studios completely missed the point. What made Benji work in the first place is that he was an ordinary dog. He couldn’t talk. He definitely wanted to tell human beings that something was amiss but he didn’t have words, so he had to find other means of communicating.”

Brandon Camp ended up with a surprising partner in Jason Blum, the founder of Blumhouse, who was familiar with his father’s track record as a film business maverick. Blum’s company, maker of the hits “Paranormal Activity” and “Get Out,” has specialized in low budget hits that give filmmakers greater control.

“People all over the world grew up having watched ‘Benji’ with their families,” Scott Stuber, head of original film at Netflix, said in a statement to The Times. “We knew this film will allow our members around the world to keep sharing this story with their families…And who doesn’t love an adorable dog?”

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