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America's Got Talent

Evie Clair Saved By America’s Vote On Last Night’s America’s Got Talent



Evie Clair had to rely on America’s vote in the Dunkin save Tuesday night after she ended up in the bottom. The Arizona teen who has shared her family’s heartbreaking story throughout her journey on AGT looked nervous as she asked her dedicated fans to help her move on to the semi-finals. Evie once again brought viewers to tears with her emotional cover of ‘Wings’ by Birdy. Playing the piano for the first time this season surrounded by candles. Evie’s father Amos was too ill to attend the live shows this week but he talked with Evie on the phone following her performance.

Season 12 of America’s Got Talent has so many talented contestants who all deserve to be there but to many viewers, Evie and her family’s story is so relatable and hits home in a special way. All of us know a family member or a friend who has had or does have cancer. It’s the most evil word in the world and what these families endure throughout the process is heartbreaking. We are proud of Evie and the example in faith and courage they continue to show.

To the critics, we say this shame on anyone who may think that what Evie and her family are going through is simply a ‘sob story’. How would you like it if that was being said about your own family? Evie is going forward on AGT because of her heart and pure talent. The judges see it and so many viewers see it.

We continue to pray for the family and are cheering you on Evie!