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Watch Ashley Tisdale & Lea Michele Cover ‘Dancing On My Own’

July 25, 2017

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Ashley Tisdale’s YouTube series ‘Music Sessions’ has become a must-see. Tisdale always features talented celebrities and apparently the latest edition of this cover series features one of the most requested guests, Lea Michele.

“Every single time I come out with a new music session, you think it’s her,” Ashley said when introducing Lea, “So here she is!”

“All those comments… they were me,” Lea joked, “I forced my way in you guys.”

The two also open up about just how deep their friendship goes.

“If I didn’t have a husband I’d marry Lea,” Ashley deadpanned, relaying that the two recently reconnected and hang out nearly every day, doing everything from meditation classes to couples massages together.

The two cover Robyn‘s “Dancing on My Own,”