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Amybeth Mcnulty

Anne With An E Star Apologizes For Encouraging Fans To Use App That Can Lead To Bullying



Amybeth McNulty the star of Netflix’s family series Anne With An E which is based on Anne of Green Gables has apologized to her fans after promoting an app that allows users to send anonymous messages after realizing that it could be used as a bullying tool.  The 15-year-old Irish actress took to Instagram live to explain this week.

“I hate it and I didn’t know what I was advertising I should’ve done more research before posting about it” she said about the app in question “Sarahah”.

“For anyone who used it and received hateful messages I am so sorry and take full responsibility for that”

“It was silly of me and very childish so I apologize”

“I know some of my friends have used it and have received horrific messages and of course it’s anonymous so people can say whatever they want” “I hope you guys stay safe online because it’s very difficult these days with so much going on”