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Who Is Cassie Wilson And What Is “Half Access”?

Yesterday at the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards Dan “Soupy” Campbell of the wonder years took to the stage to present The sub city grant award to a remarkable young woman named Cassie Wilson.

For those unfamiliar, Sub city is Hopeless Records non-profit that reaches out and partners with charities to make a difference through music. For the first time, this year sub city asked fans “How would you use 10,000 to change the world?” After reviewing submission upon submission 18-year-old Cassie Wilson of Portland Oregon was chosen as the winner.

Her idea? Half Access. A resource that’ll help create a better experience for disabled concert goers. As someone who uses a wheelchair  and is a frequent concert goer myself I cannot tell you how stressful going to a show can be. “Where will I sit”? “Will I even be able to see?” “is the venue even wheelchair accessible?”  I can recall a time where I went to a show and I went with a friend who couldn’t do lifting at the time and the venue had 4 to 5 stairs leading down to the floor. My heart sunk because we had driven all that way and I thought “now I may not even be able to see the show”. Thankfully there was someone there that night that was kind enough to help me down the stairs. (Ironically enough it was AP’s own K Enagonio) and I was extremely grateful for her.

Unfortunately not every situation is like mine and due to liability concerns more often then not disabled concert goers are left to figure it out on their own.
Through Half Access, Cassie hopes to create a data base of concert venues that’ll help the disabled community aware of what to expect upon arriving at a show. In turn, Half Access will also educate venue owners and staff about how they can make the concert experience of a disabled fan easy and enjoyable.

You can click below to hear the full story youtu.be/Oe-UEC2kqSU 

We here at Trevordecker.com would like to thank Alternative Press for allowing Cassie to have this platform to shed light on such an important issue and as Cassie said

To begin a change that should’ve happened a long time ago

Thank you, Cassie, for being such a shinning example.

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