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Why You Need To Give Andi Mack A Chance

Disney Channel’s new series Andi Mack will air the season finale of the groundbreaking series tonight. The show which was created by Lizzie McGuire creator Terri Minsky follows 13-year-old Andi Mack who discovers on her 13th birthday that her sister Bex is, in reality, her mother.

Throughout this first season, we’ve seen Andi come to terms with this shocking news and her quest to meet her dad and the relationship between Andi and Bex evolve. Each episode was a continuation of the storyline which is a rarity for Disney Channel who usually produces series that have standalone episodes.

The new format provided the kid’s network the chance to present a storyline that could grow with each thirty-minute episode each week. We’ve seen the cast explore relationships, their identity and what makes them unique. Every episode of Andi Mack presents a great starting point for deeper conversations between parents and their children. Don’t let the Disney name fool you Andi Mack is a show for the whole family. It continues to break out of the comfort zone Disney channel has been in for the last decade or so. The series expands and goes deeper emotionally than any show on the network in recent history. Even Terri Minsky’s previous hit Lizzie McGuire was a lighter tone then Andi Mack has been throughout this first season.

Heading into season two we can expect Andi Mack to continue to break new ground in children’s television. Something that is long overdue in the society we live in today. The reality is that technology has forced children to mature faster and the way they think today is so different than it was even twenty years ago. Children’s television needed an overhaul especially if brands like Disney channel want to survive they need to adapt to this young audience who are much more aware of the world around them. Andi Mack delivers the type of show today’s youth are interested in while still maintaining the core values of a sacred brand like Disney.

Andi Mack is a much-needed change for Disney and should not be ignored by kids and parents alike. The show offers something for all ages and is a great way to bridge that gap between parents and their children.

As we wait for season two we encourage you to get caught up on season one and give this groundbreaking series a chance!


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Trevor Decker

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