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[Preview] UPtv’s ‘Date My Dad’ Has Intense Moment In Upcoming Episode

The new UPtv series ‘Date My Dad’ has been a Trevor Decker News recommended series since it’s premiere. Our friends at UP have delivered a modern series which keeps in focus the network’s slogan of “We get family”.

In this week’s episode of ‘Date My Dad’ viewers will see a very realistic moment played out on their screens as a father and daughter clash over age appropriate¬†outfits. The intense scene starts off Friday night’s episode of the series which has quickly become a favorite among viewers of UPtv. 7th Heaven alumni Barry Watson portrays a widowed father who must raise his three daughters. Each with a drastically different personality.

The series fills a void in family TV that many viewers haven’t seen in years. Mixing comedy and drama while still maintaining its ability to appeal to all ages. ‘Date My Dad’ is the perfect series for the entire family to watch together.

Watch a preview from this week’s episode above and don’t forget to tune in to ‘Date My Dad’ Friday nights on UPtv at 9 pm ET.

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Trevor Decker

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