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New Trailer For “Andi Mack” Released – (Spoiler Revealed) Watch It Now

The first two episodes of Disney Channel new series “Andi Mack” have been available on the Disney Channel app for exactly a week now and the response has been incredible! The series from the creator of “Lizzie McGuire” Terri Minsky, has taken the struggling Disney Channel in a much needed different direction. Proving that it’s audience is ready for a series that breaks away from the bland Disney formula and takes a page from its sister network Freeform.

Up til now, a huge part of the promotion of the “Andi Mack” series has been the mystory of the “secret” which is revealed in the series first episode. In a new trailer released today, the secret is revealed (for those who haven’t already watched the episode) that Andi’s sister Bex is, in reality, her mother! Something that not even the biggest Disney Channel viewer could have seen coming!

The series will continue with this storyline throughout the first season, unlike other shows on the network “Andi Mack” will follow in the footsteps of Freeform series like “The Fosters” and continue to grow the storyline instead of having each episode be its own.

As previously reported “Andi Mack” is Disney Channel’s attempt to reconnect with an audience who is “growing older quicker” and is more into reality television and edgier content. Knowing its limitations as a kids network, Disney Channel has still found a way to bring more drama while still maintaining its family image.

You can view the second trailer for “Andi Mack” above, and don’t forget it will join the Disney Channel lineup officially on April 7 with a one hour premiere featuring episodes 1 and 2 back to back.

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