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The Final Video In The Ballad Of Jessica Blue Is Here (Without Him By Christina Grimmie)

It’s a new month here at Trevordecker.com and a lot is happening. Stranger things season two is coming, there’s new music to be discovered, the AGT finals are approaching and so much more. Don’t worry though Team Grimmie we got you covered and we’re here to bring you the final video in The Ballad of Jessica Blue.

The song is without Him off of Christina’s EP Side A. The video picks up right where deception left off. Jessica  is preparing for her long-awaited showcase and a Gentlemen who seems to be her mentor tells her what her friend told her in the Snow White music video

Follow your feet where your heart takes you

Jessica is then seeing walking up to a venue. On the marquee, it reads Jessica Blue. She takes the stage and is met by a roaring crowd as the song begins. You can’t help but smile because Christina looks right at home and her stage presence is impeccable.
When she hits the high note in the song it’s the greatest thing we’ve seen in a music video. Seriously we dare you not to smile.

These four videos prove what we already knew. Christina truly was one of a kind. A beautiful soul that will truly be missed but her talent will never be forgotten. Christina is alive in our hearts and will be remembered for generations to come. |/


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