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If you followed Christina Grimmie’s YouTube channel ZeldaXLove64 at any moment of her life you might be aware of the fact that Thursdays  were known as Grimmie Thursday. Every Thursday Christina would give us either a new cover, new song or a random vlog, so it’s only fitting that for the last 3 weeks these music videos have been revealed on a Thursday, so Happy GRIMME THURSDAY EVERYONE.

Deception picks up right where Anybody’s you” left off. Jessica’s mom is doing her daughters makeup. While this is happening she says something to Jessica that we find very profound.

Some things you can never loose once you find them. Your voice is one of them. It’s yours Jessica.

Then the video cuts to  Jessica in a studio. There are lyric sheets scattered on the floor and in the middle of the room is a piano. This is the setting where the entire video takes place with a few cuts back to Jessica and her mom in between.

What’s so cool about this is that anyone who knew Christina knows that she was right at home with the piano and let us just say once she starts playing it’s hard not to get emotional. Seriously Christina was one of a kind.

Without Him which will serve as the final music video in the mini-series will be released next Thursday on September 1st. There’s still a few unanswered questions most notably “How will Jessica do at her showcase”? So hang tight guys and we’ll see you next Thursday.