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Tuesday night proved to be one of America’s Got Talent’s biggest nights in the competition’s eleven seasons. While magic acts gave us thrills it was the musical acts that outperformed during the quarterfinals.

The live audience and the viewers watching at home, however, were clearly waiting with great anticipation for the live debut of viral sensation Grace Vanderwaal. The 12-year old ukelele¬†player took the stage and performed another original song ‘Beautiful Thing’. Which she dedicated to her sister.

The AGT contestant who has already been featured in popular magazines including Teen Vogue lived up to the hype on Tuesday night as she overcame the pressure of a national television audience watching to remind us all that regardless of win or lose Grace has a guaranteed future as a headlining music superstar.

The judges were once again in awe of this talented singer as they joined the live audience in a standing ovation. With Howie Mandel declaring in response to Simon Cowell’s previous comment that Grace Vanderwaal would, in fact, be ‘bigger than Taylor Swift’ .

“There’s something so sweet and so charming about you and so real,” said Cowell. “I am going to predict we’re all going to remember the moment in years to come when we saw Grace sing live for the first time.”