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Jackie Evancho, known for her incredible music talent and being a finalist on America’s Got Talent at the age of 10 posted an awesome response to haters on social media who like to point out her flaws. Jackie posted the message to instagram along with a selfie.

Jackie, who is now 16 has decided to take a stand and call out those who go after her in the most awesome way! Read her comments below:

Im aware of myself. Im aware ive got a big nose from certain angles, im aware my skin isnt always clear, im aware my fashion isnt always on fleek and so on. So many people have come to me and tried to tear me down, tear my family down, ruin my confidence. The things i have to say to say to them dont exist because they mean not a thing to me. Does what they say have anything to do with my progress as an artist? Nope. So thanks, but no thanks haters! 🙂