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When someone passes away we never truly get over it, but as hard as it may be we learn to live with it. That’s what everyone whether a family member, friend or as Christina liked to call us “Frans” of Grimmie are doing. Some Have even made it their personal mission to make sure her legacy lives on.

It’s been exactly two months since her untimely passing  and today via Christina’s  YouTube channel ZeldaXLove64 we got the first of four music videos that Christina filmed back in February.

The first video is for the song Snow White off of the EP Side A. In the beginning of the video Jessica played by Christina is seeing having a conversation with a friend about how could popcorn  possibly gotten on the ceiling. Her friend then exclaims “I bet it was Bobby”

Then the a door is heard being opened and a guy name Luke joins the frame. Luke is Jessica’s love interest. As the conversation delves deeper we find out two things: Jessica has a show case she hasn’t been practicing for and she’s unsure of her future with Luke.

The video is visually fun to watch, you have a dance number between friends and on the other side of that Christina looks breathtaking daunting a beautiful black dress.

At the end of the video Jessica’s friend tells her “follow your feet where your heart takes you. The next video in this series will be Anybody’s you and it’ll continue where this video left off. It’ll be released via ZeldaXLove64 on YouTube on August 18th, 2016

Now go and enjoy the video but we must warn you, you may need tissues. We were ok, that is until the music hit.