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Hidden Gems In Music: Stitched Up Heart



If you may or may not have noticed, the month of June had no hidden gem feature. We wanted to devote that month to the memory of Christina Grimmie.

It’s July now and while we know we’re days shy of it being over we’re back with some awesome music. Usually I’m the music enthusiast hear but this months artist was discovered by the guy who holds down the fort Trevor Decker. 

This months feature is Stitched up Heart a 5 piece band composed of Mixi Demner, Merritt Goodwin, Randy Mathias, James Decker and Nick Bedrosian; from Los Angeles California.

Lead singer Mixi refers to their sound as  “Heart Rock”. Critics like to say they are a combination of Tokeyo Hotel and Paramore.

Whatever genre you want to lump them into, one thing is for sure they’re  unique and that’s something that’s hard to find in the music industry these days. Stitched up heart has something for everyone whether that be thought provoking lyrics, catchy guitar rifts, smooth bass lines or sick drum beats. This band is truly something special.

If we’re being honest here Mixi also has the sex appeal that many use to get a “boost” if you will but she does it in such a classy way. Her voice truly is what’s paying the bills.

The band has 2 EP’s Stitched up heart EP (2012), Skeleton Key EP (2014) and a full length album titled Never Alone (2016)

The great  thing about music and with this band in particular is that music can be interpreted in any way you’d like. One of our favorite songs is titled Never Alone with lyrics like

You’re not alone

Never alone

It’s pouring tonight

But it won’t rain forever

I’ve been there before

Fought through the storm

I’m here, you’ll never be alone

I’m here, you’ll never be alone

For us those lyrics are about how we all face struggles in our life but even when it feels dark and hopeless God is always there. Again this is just our  interpretation of the song. Yours may be completely different and that’s ok.

If you haven’t heard of Stitched up heart we urge you to stop sleeping and get on bored. They’re currently on tour. You can go to for a complete list of tour dates.

To hold you over though you can check out there video for Finally Free above. To keep up to date with everything Stitched up heart you can follow them on Twitter @stitchedupheart

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