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Christina Grimmie Remembered By Family, Friends And Fans 



Yesterday June 17th 2016 the memorial service for Christina Grimmie was held in her hometown of New Jersey. Family, friends and fans gathered to share their memories in an emotional ceremony.
Her father spoke saying

She’s in a far better place now then she was. This is were I’m wrestling but God’s plan is better then mine.

Her mother talked about always telling her I love you and how she was overwhelmed by all the support. Christina’s best friends shared jokes and laughed at all the good memories.
Her brother Mark talked about how Christina greeted the gun man with open arms and then after that she was in the arms of God.

You can watch the entire memorial service (1:29:19)by clicking here

or you can watch a (31 minute version) by clicking here

If you would like something shorter then the above view an exclusive clip from USA today below.

As mentioned in the videos we encourage you to continue sharing your memories of Christina and talking about her in this time. Always remember you’re not alone