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REPORT: NBC’s Peter Pan Live Co-Star Taylor Louderman To Star In ‘Clueless’ Musical?

Via BroadwayWorld

In an all-new interview with MTV, director Amy Heckerling gives an update on the progress of CLUELESS: THE MUSICAL, the new musical production eyeing a Broadway run in the near future.

“It’s a jukebox musical,” explains Heckerling. “It’s as if the ’90s was one year, and we’re taking songs from the ’90s and playing with the lyrics to make them tell the story. We just had a sing-through/read-through the other day, and it went really well. They’re just wonderful young actors. A lot of them are coming [to the retrospective].”

The director went on to reveal the cast who has participated in the recent readings, sharing, “Well, they’re all young people. At this [recent] reading, we had the boy from Heathers [Dave Thomas Brown] and the girl from Bring It On [Taylor Louderman], and they were wonderful. At the last reading, we had Wally [Wallace] Shawn playing himself, the teacher [from the film version]. Asked if Mr. Shawn may wind up in the Broadway production, Heckerling exclaims, “God willing!”

Regarding a time table for the project, she offers, “It’s Broadway. The studios have been completely 100 percent dotting i’s and [crossing] t’s – that’s an expression nobody uses anymore, because nobody writes – but nobody wants to start renting stages yet, because nobody likes to spend money until there’s no way anything could go wrong. But the producers did Jersey Boys and Urinetown – they’re very big, mega-successful musicals.”

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