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Fans petition to have Zelda character named after Christina Grimmie + candle light vigil footage 



If you’ve been following Christina Grimmie for awhile like we have or even if you just discovered her in the wake of her tragic passing you would quickly learn two things. She loved the lord with all her heart and she loved Zelda. Her YouTube channel name is even ZeldaXLove64

Team Grimmie has been doing everything in their power in the past 4 days  to make sure their insperarions life is remembered for years to come, and what better way to do that have a character named after her in the new Zelda game that drops in 2017?

The petition is on and it was started by Team Grimmie member Ian Tan. Christina’s brother Marcus shared the petition on his Facebook encouraging people to sign.  The petition already has 29,177 signatures. You can sign it here

On Monday night, Marcus addressed friends, family and fans who attended a candlelight vigil in his sister’s hometown of Evesham, New Jersey.

“She loved this town. She loved this state. She loved singing. She loved the Lord,” he said, adding, “And she loved me

You can now watch footage of the vigil by clicking here

In the last four days we here at have realized 3 things. Christina Grimmie had lots of love to give. Her fans loved her and she loved them just the same. These are the things that light up such a dark time. Long live little Zelda

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