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The World Reacts To The Tragic Passing Of Christina Grimmie 

Yesterday the music industry lost an amazing talent in Christina Grimmie. Instead of focusing on the negative we here at TrevorDecker.com would like to focus on the postive impact Christina had on others, whether it be friends, fellow musicians fellow YouTubers or fans.

Everything I’ve learned about Christina has pointed to what really matters and that was her strong faith. The stories I’ve been hearing are all about her trust in God’s plan and her trust in his direction for her life. It’s sad that we see innocent people who shine their light for others to be inspired are victims of such unspeakable acts.

-Trevor Decker

I first got introduced to Christina Grimmie almost 4 years ago right before she auditioned for the voice and it was thanks to my “Twin”Michelle Deana   Infante. The moment I heard her sing I became a member of team Grimmie. She was beautiful, sweet, talented, a lover of God, funny and loved video games. I mean really how could you not be a fan of that? At first she was the ONLY reason I even decided to watch the voice season 6 but then I found her best friend Bria Kelly, so I have Christina to thank for that as well. Christina was the type of person that carried a light with her and you couldn’t help but smile watching one of her videos or seeing her preform.

It hurts my heart that we have to say goodbye to such a beautiful soul so early but my only comfort in this is knowing she’s with her Lord and Savior Jeaus Christ now. He’s wrapping her in His arms. I’m confident that TeamGrimmie will keep her memory alive for as long as we live. She may be gone but not forgotten. Heaven never sounded so good.

– Vanessa Vasquez

Why..why does this happen? Why is our species so destructive and sick?? I only got to meet you once, but Christina, you…

Posted by Kay Enagonio on Saturday, June 11, 2016

She was a bright and beautiful person with a voice I'll never forget. This was us in Denver not too long ago. Even when…

Posted by Dia Frampton on Saturday, June 11, 2016

Please take time today to pray for or keep Christina Grimmie and her family in your thoughts. She was a beloved talent…

Posted by Korin Bukowski on Saturday, June 11, 2016





As you can see Christina touched the hearts of everyone who knew or supported her. We encourage you to share your thoughts as well and read more if you’d like by using #RIPChristinaGrimmie

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