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Faking it creator Carter Covington reveals what would’ve happened had faking it continued 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Yesterday  was a sad day for the Faking It fandom as it served as the series final of the show after MTV decided not to renew the ground breaking series after just two years and 3 seasons.

The final had a happy ending, Amy and Sabrina worked things out, Karma started a new romance with Felix, Shane and Noah worked passed their differences and sparks flew when Liam and Lauen shared a kiss.
Still it left us with more questions then answers. Perhaps the biggest one of them all was “Is Karmy really endgame?”

Well thanks to an exclusive with The Hollywood reporter. The show’s creator Carter Covington was able to give the small but loyal fan base some closure. In a heartfelt letter to the fans he went on to say

It was always my intention to make “Karmy” happen during our final season. Karma would finally realize that her possessiveness of Amy might be a sign of deeper feelings for her best friend. She’d struggle to share these feelings with Amy, knowing she couldn’t lead Amy on again unless she was sure. Unable to let another chance go by, Karma would impetuously kiss Amy, and a fresh “Whoa …”/”I know …” moment would spark this new phase of their relationship. If this makes you deliriously happy, then please stop reading and let this be the ending in your mind.

He continued saying

How satisfying it would have been to finally see Karma and Amy as a true couple! There would have been lots of kisses, none of them dreams! But slowly it would have become clear that in becoming a couple, the two of them had lost something that made them … them. Eventually, they would both realize they’d have to sacrifice their relationship to save their friendship. The series would have ended with Karma and Amy’s life goals intact: roommates in college, houses next door to each other, best friends forever. That is what Karmy always meant to me.

So there you have it no matter which way you look at it Karmy was and always will be endgame.

He concluded by saying

I’m sorry I won’t get to tell that story (though many fans may be relieved I didn’t). I’m sorry we won’t get to explore Liam and Lauren’s surprising romance. Or to watch Shane and Noah’s relationship deepen. I’ll miss Principal Penelope, Farrah and Bruce, Molly and Lucas … and, of course, Diane. I’ll always wonder what happened to Lisbeth and Leila, and Reagan, and Theo and Duke. I’ll miss Hester High and all of its quirks. But what I’ll miss most of all is working with an amazing group of artists to deliver this message of self-acceptance and love to our fans around the world. This show healed me, and I hope it healed some of you, too. I’m deeply grateful to MTV, our amazing cast, writers and crew and all of you fans for a truly special experience

You can read Carter’s full letter here

On behalf of the whole Faking it fandom we would like to say thank you for the incredible two year journey. The show may be over but the characters will live in our hearts forever.

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