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MTV Cancels Faking it After 3 Seasons 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Some sad news for the KarmyArmy, shippers of Kiam and even Booper fans. We have learned via TVline that MTV has decided to ax popular series Faking it after just 3 seasons.

Faking it told the story of two best friends Karma Ashcroft and Amy Rudenfeld pretending to be lesbians just to gain popularity and end up getting nominated for homecoming king and Queen. In the mist of all that drama Amy discovered that she had true feelings for her best friend. The show was about self discovery, true love, getting rid of labels, and all the issues of high school life.

Faking it made history in its two year inception by introducing tv’s fiest intersex character Lauren Cooper played by Bailey De Yong. When it was revealed that Lauren was intersex (born with male chromosomes but has appearance of female) it opened up a door of conversation and acception to intersex individuals.

Perhaps the saddest part of this premature series final is that fans of the show never got to see what would’ve happened if Karma and Amy actually be came a thing. Show creator Carter Covington had this to say

That will always be my sole regret: that I never got to explore Karma and Amy together. I never got to look inward at Karma and have her question her friendship and why it’s so intense and her affection for Amy. I’m sad that I won’t get chance to do that. I felt like fans really deserved that and I’m sad they won’t get that.”

He went on to say

“My hope is that Faking It will be the first show that started what I call the post-gay era on television We always tried to approach the storytelling as coming from a place beyond coming out stories and really exploring the lives of all of our characters, regardless of their sexuality. My hope is that other shows will pick up from this move the ball forward. Audiences are ready for shows that don’t focus on characters’ differences and sexuality and speak more to our common characteristics as human beings.”

Because MTV owns the rights to the show it kills any hopes of a revival. As personal fans of the show its a sad day but we would like to thank Carter Covington Rita Volk (Amy) Katie Stevens (Karma) Michael Willet (Shane) Greg Sulkin (Liam) Bailey De young (Lauren) and the entire cast and everyone who had a part of this ground breaking show. Thanks for the memories.

Series creator Carter Covington promised via Twitter that he will reveal what was suppose to happen after the series final concludes. The final will air on Tuesday May 17th at 10PM on MTV

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