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Melissa Joan Hart teases possible returns of Clarissa explains it all & Sabrina the teenage witch 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

It seems like revivals are all the rage these days. Girl meets world, Fuller House and even Gilmore Girls. Let’s face we as humans are very nostalgic people. We miss the things of our childhood, the things that made us smile.

It’s clear that producers and show runners are well aware of this or else why would they keep bringing them back?

Just recently Melissa Joan Hart was interviewed on the fab and was asked about a Clarissa explains it all revival or perhaps a Sabrina the teenage witch revival.

Hart’s response was simply “actually I have a meeting after this”. This sent the crowd into a frenzy and then she says “woah let’s back it up I just said meeting”

For what it’s worth I’m sure we speak for everyone when we say “HOW FREAKING EXCITING”. What does this all mean? Could we possibly b getting one of our beloved shows back? Perhaps the bigger question is which one will it be?

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