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The Fosters “Kingdom Come recap and thoughts  (spoilers ahead)

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Monday’s  season 3 finale of The Fosters began with a beautiful ceremony on the beach in honor of Jack Downey led with a beautiful eulogy from Jude. After the ceremony concludes Brandon revels to his parents that his current girlfriend has a son named Mason who is three years old.

It’s the day after the  ceremony. The app Fost & Found is finally being launched and oh yeah it also happens to be Brandon’s 18th birthday. We cut to a scene of Stef doing some research on her laptop who is then met by Callie. She explains to Callie that the reason why Pearson (man who abused Callie in Jude in season 1 and also the man responsible for Jack’s death) was allowed to foster another kid.

Justina (the woman who I had a bad feeling about from the start) of course tries to place all the blame on the system, and well that’s partly true there’s more to the story. It has to do with non profit organizations such like Arbiter (from the show) placing kids wherever they can in order to get the money they need and because companies like this one are outside of the government no one really bats an eye.

Launch party time! It should be a great day right? I mean the app that Callie and Mariana worked so hard on is finally seeing the light of day. This should be a day of celebration. Uh uh not this time. We’re  in Justina’s office. She informs Callie that she’s made some last minute changes to her speech. She completely axed out Jack’s tragic story. She tries to justify it by saying that it’s to sad and that it should be more about what a success story Callie is (did I mention I hate this woman?

Daffney, Daffney, Daffney. Now that’s a character I love. Her whole story has been about her bettering herself so that she can get full custody of her daughter Tasha. (Remember the court said she couldn’t have Tasha unless she had a steady job) and being the friend Callie is she was able to get her a job working with Justina just last week.

That stent is short lived because Dafney discovers a envelope on Justina’s desk from none other then Arbiter. Inside the envelope (which she opened) is a check paid to Justina for her endorsement! Yep that’s right Justina is working for arbiter. (She’s evil damn it)

Of course Daffney relays this information to Callie but it isn’t easy getting thete. When Daffney goes to show Callie the check its gone and the girls have to do some snooping. Luckily they find it and now Callie knows the truth behind the bill that she’s been the face of.

Justina enterers the room a second to late so the girls are able to play it off. Now it’s time for the speech as Callie surveys the crowd she sees a jack and that’s when she knows she must do the right thing. She starts by recalling the day she met Jack Downey and now he ended up in a home with the same man who use to abuser her and her brother. She caps it off by outting Justina for the evil monster she is and needless to say the crowd is shocked and well Justina is pissed.

Justina grabbing Callie’s arm says “Do you have any idea what you’ve done? You’ll be sorry” ohh shoot but mama Stef put an end to that quick because she grabs Justina by the arm and says “get your hands off my daughter” (I swear I’ve never wanted s chracther to get hit so bad then I did in that moment).

Before I get to the two very real and shocking events of this episode let me fill you in on other storylines that are going on. Jude is questioning his sexuality. He believes that God doesn’t want him being gay since the only  two boys who’ve ever kissed him (Conor and Jack) are no longer in his life. Callie tries reassuring her brother by telling him that she doesn’t think that’s how God works. She also reveals to him that Jack told her it was a mistake for him to kiss Jude. Of course being sensitive to the topic Jude doesn’t believer her calling her a liar.

Meanwhile in this poor attempt for a rebound, Brandon and Courtney are caught in bed by Courtney’s baby daddy sending him into a fit of rage kicking Courtney out. She’s now homeless so what does Brandon do? He pays for first and last months rent of a new house for Courtney with the money his mom’s gave him for his birthday so he could attend Juliard. (This is why I don’t like Brandon he just always comes off as desperate to me)

The Sally and Monte ordeal. Teacher student relationships can  be  very tricky even  if you really are just trying to be a good teacher (or in this case vice principal) especially when the student kisses said athority figure. According to Lena Sally is suppose to recant her accusation of Monty kissing her admitting she was in fact the one who insinuated the kiss. However thats  not entirely how it goes down. Sally does in fact say she kissed Monte but it was only because Monte said she could get her into her desired collage. When Lena calls Sally out on her bs, Sally’s mom then throws Lena under the bus spewing hate and accusing Monte and Lena of having an affair

Jesus getting Gabe in more trouble. We all know Gabe is a registered sex offender only because when the twins were conceived Anna was underage and her parents didn’t approve. Since then he’s been doing everything he can to keep his nose clean. With his kids being present in his life now that seems like an impossible task. Especially when Jesus in attempt to help Gabe told his probation officer that he was building play sets at a high school (but hello Jesus your dad is a sex offender he shouldn’t even be near a high school.

The Matt and Mariana struggle. It’s clear that they still love one another but are both in relationships with other people. Not to mention magazines want to review their version of Romeo and Juliet so for the sake of everyone involved they decide to stay broken up. They share s goodbye kiss which Nick happens to see, so in his mind Mariana made her choice. This sends him into a rage of distruction and he ends up burning down his dad’s wear house. Yep you read that right.

The brallie secret is finally out. Some people love brallie and like me some people just wish the damn ship would sink already. It’s just been problematic for both Brandon and Callie  since the beginning and it got even more complicated when they slept together at the end of season 3A. Remember how Justina said Callie would be sorry? Well it didn’t take long for her to make good on what she said. Just in case you forgot in season 2 the mom’s put a restraining order out on Brandon so he would stay away from Callie and hopefully end the romantic bull crap. Things like that are public record. Something Justina could easily get her hands on. The restraining order was put on the front page of the fost & found site. Allegations are everywhere about Brandon and Callie having sex. Stef vows to fight it…. But then dun dun….. Callie says “we can’t because it’s true!

Ohhh noooo we’re still not done because then comes the most dramatic ending in fosters history. Nick is missing from school. Nobody knows where he is. He’s then shown in his fancy car pulling into the school parking lot, with  tears in his eyes he reaches inside the glove box pulling out a gun…… And then the screen fades to black.

What does this all mean? Is Nick going to kill himself? Will he try hurting Matt? Maybe even Mariana? Now that Callie and Brandon’s secret is out what will be the repercussions? Is Gabe going back to prison? Is Brandon and Courtney’s relationship another unhealthy one? Will Monte loose her job? Is Jude into girls? All will be revealed when The Fosters returns for season 4 this summer.

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