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Maia Mitchell calls the Fosters season 3 final the most dangerous one yet 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

The Fosters hit televisions nation wide in 2013 and since its three year inception the show has broken barriers and went places most tv shows wouldn’t dare going. Creators Bradley Bredweg and Perer Paige have taken such good care of the show. They made and continue to make sure each character is authentic and relateable. They’re also not afraid to make the fans (which they call the fosters family) feel an array of emotions and that’s a beautiful thing.

If you’re like me and have been watching from the beginning you know that almost every season ender leaves you feeling breathless, so when star Maia Mitchell who plays Callie Jacbos turned Callie Adams Foster says that the season 3 final is the most dangerous yet, it really does leave you guessing. I mean what can be more dangerous then suicide attempts, a parent getting shot, or a near death car accident just to name a a few?

Last week the fosters aired what was in my mind it’s most darkest episode thus far. It was an episode in which Jude’s friend Jack is discovered lifeless on a kitchen floor by police officer Stef Foster played by Teri Polo

It was a a scene that left everyone watching with tears in their eyes. Perhaps what made it all the more heartbreaking is that the person responsible for Jack’s death is the same man who fostered Callie and Jude way back in season one. A man who would abuse Jude and Callie.

How can a documented abuser be allowed to foster another child? According to Maia Mitchell it all boils down to one word privatization. A word that we’ve heard quite a few times in past episodes. It’s something that Callie has been convinced to advocate in favor of thanks to a woman by the name of Justina who claims to have nothing but good intentions

Of course with Jack’s death this causes Callie to change her tune. As we all know everyone deals with death differently. Acording to Mitchell Callie will take on the rage approach, fighting against the system and quite possibly making some hasty and damaging decisions. As where Jude played by Hayden Byerly will take on the sad approach. This leads him to explore his spiritual side in hopes of finding answers to his friends untimely death.

Let’s not forget with all this going on we still have the fact that Callie and Brandon played by David Lambert (who are known as the star crossed lovers of the show) had sex at the end of season 3A when they both thought Callie’s adoption was off the table and that they would no longer be considered brother and sister.
Could the aftermath of Jack’s death be what it takes for Callie to reach her breaking point? Will her and Brandon’s secret finally be out in the open? If so how will this affect the rest of the family?

Find out the answer to all these questions and more during the spring finale airing Monday at 8pm on Freeform 

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