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Hidden Gems In Music: Heroes 

After a one month hiatus (we apologize about that) Hidden gems in music is back! For the month of March we bring you a band called Heroes from Michgan collectively made up of Jenny Ondreyka (vocals) Mike Zanger (Guitar) Benjamin Ondreyka (Drums), Bryan Evans Gill (guitar), and Joe Medrano (Bass)

The band formed in 2008 formally under the name Heroes on perade (HOP) they have two previous albums Heroes on parade (2009) and where are we (2011)

Their lead singer Jenny Ondreyka has a project on YouTube under the name Headless cabbage where her and her friends Cindy Shaw and Krystal Rae Tandle post covers and originals. In 2011 she released a solo album Not complicated, Just complex 

Now after a four year absence that the band took to focus on school and getting their degrees they’re back with a remastered version of their 2011 album (where are we) now titled Angel which was released on March 18th

You can download the album on iTunes here:itun.es/us/27p9ab
Or steam it on Spotifty and YouTube

I’ve had the honor of being a supporter of this band since the beginning when I first heard their song Just Dance. Their sound instantly had me hooked. Trust me these guys are good. If you don’t believe me take a listen to their song Save your strength for yourself. If you’re a fan of Fall out boy, Paramore, or PVRIS then you’ll love heroes. I promise.

To stay up to date on everything Heroes related follow them on Twitter @__Heroes

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