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Nearly Two Decades Later Lindsay Lohan Recreates Parent Trap Scene



It seems like everyday there’s new technological advances especially when it comes to social media. One of the favorites however is an app known as Dubsmash which allows the user to dub an audio clip over their own voice so they can reanact the moment themselves.

Actress Lindsay Lohan took to her Instagram account on Friday to recreate a scene from the film The Parent trap nearly two decades ago and boy did it hit us in all the feels.

In the clip her british character Annie James can be heard saying  “Actually, we’re all quite fine in here, unless Hallie Parker knows something we don’t know,” It’s on a loop but we’re all about it.

Lohan played both James and Parker in the 1961 remake, which amassed $66 million in its lifetime gross, and starred opposite Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson.

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