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Season Two Finale “Not About Love Triangle” Says Girl Meets World Creator

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

“If the audience perceives that what this is about is a love triangle, then they don’t know us,” Michael Jacobs tells TheWrap of Disney Channel sitcom’s current storyline

“Everyone will be brought into the equation. To answer this as simply as I can without giving anything away, the “Girl Meets” angle has always been a very important part of the show. Every episode is titled “Girl Meets” something. If we did “Girl Meets Love,” it would not be one episode. It would be a sustained series of episodes in an attempt to explain, for this generation, what the perception of love is, versus what love may actually be, versus are we ready for that at all? Something that is so important cannot be something we tell in one story. But the understanding of how to grow and what’s valuable to these kids will manifest itself over these episodes. We want to do it intelligently, and what we’re not looking to do is a love triangle.”

“I’ve said this from the beginning: If you look at the pilot, and look at some subsequent episodes, the hints of what we’re doing are very deep-seated, and you’ll understand completely. This series was always about this magnificent friendship between Riley and Maya, and if you look at the differences in the girls you will understand what’s going on now.”

The season two finale “Girl Meets Legacy” airs Friday March 11 on Disney Channel.

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