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ABC / Lionsgate Adds Sarah Hyland To “Dirty Dancing” TV Event

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) has been cast as ‘Lisa Houseman,’ Baby’s older, extroverted sister who spends summer vacation with her affluent family at an early 1960’s Catskill Mountains resort and falls for ‘Robbie,’ a womanizing waiter.

Academy Award®-nominated actress, singer and author Abigail Breslin (“Freak Show,” “Scream Queens,” “Little Miss Sunshine”) stars as lead ‘Baby,’ an innocent young woman who vacations with her affluent parents at an early 1960’s Catskill Mountains resort and gets swept off her feet by a handsome, working-class dance instructor.

This new ABC network musical event will also star Emmy® Award-winning actress Debra Messing (“The Mysteries of Laura,” “Smash,” “Will & Grace”) as ‘Marjorie Houseman,’ Dr. Houseman’s wife and mother of Baby (Abigail Breslin) and Lisa. She is a meticulous 1960’s housewife who takes great pride in her family and is using this summer vacation to try and rekindle her romance with her workaholic husband.

Grammy®-nominated singer/actress/dancer Nicole Scherzinger (Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris) has been cast as ‘Penny,’ Johnny’s dance partner and part of the working-class entertainment staff at an early 1960’s Catskill Mountains resort. She and Johnny enlist Baby’s help and teach her to dance.

Singer/dancer/actor/bodybuilder Colt Prattes (“P!nk’s music video “Try” and her The Truth About Love Tour, “Rock of Ages”) will be showing Baby (Abigail Breslin) the time of her life as romantic lead ‘Johnny,’ a charismatic, skilled dance instructor and leader of the working-class entertainment staff at an early 1960’s Catskill Mountains resort. Prattes gained national attention alongside P!nk in the music video for her hit “Try” and subsequent performances at the 2014 Grammy Awards and American Music Awards.

Executive Produced by Allison Shearmur (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” “The Hunger Games” franchise; “Cinderella”); Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote the screenplay for the original movie; and Grammy Award® nominee Adam Anders (“Glee,” “Rock of Ages”), who also serves as Executive Music Producer.

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