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PVRIS Premieres Music Video For Eyelids 

In the past week we have seen 3 music videos from the Massachusetts trio known as PVRIS one of the music videos was a “double feature” so in reality we got videos for 4 different songs.

With only two songs remaining off the bands debut album White Noise many fans speculated what song would be next in the video series. Today we have our answer and it’s none other then Eyelids.

Eyelids is that “love song” of the album. It’s the slowest of all the tracks and the one that really makes you feel something, and thanks to director Raul Gonzo the music video depicts just that….. Feelings

It’s haunting yet beautiful and by the end of it you’ll feel bitter sweet. It’s almost like “when one door closes another opens” It’s obvious now that the last music video will indeed be Mirrors and it seems as if the band are using these videos to really celebrate their first official album. To let us know there is so much more to come for PVRIS.

Whatever is next it’s sure to be good but for now feast your eyes on this breathtaking masterpiece and if you’re a PVRIS fan you might need a few tissues.

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