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The Lost Footage Of “Mrs. Doubtfire” Staring Robin Williams Uploads To YouTube 

Grab a box of tissues because you’re going to need it. As of today there has been an 8 minute and 24 second clip uploaded to YouTube under the channel name Matthew Keys.

The video is composed of deleted never before seen clips of the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire staring the late great Robin Williams.

The scenes are centered around the love Daniel (Robin Willimas) has for his children. It also showcases his divorce affects everyone in the family. These scenes add a whole other layer to an already heartwarming film. If a directors cut of this classic isn’t already in the works, then someone should probably get on that.

It’s truly heartbreaking and makes you miss him and his amazing spirit that much more. Robin was a true talent. He is gone but not forgotten. His impact will live on forever though his work and that is truly a beautiful thing.

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