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PVRIS Surprises Fans With Music Video For Smoke 

PVRIS (pronounced Paris) released their debut album White noise  over a year ago and we’re still raving about it. So far the band has released 5 music videos in promotion of the record and today we have the 6th.

For weeks PVRIS had been teasing fans to keep their eyes on the look out for some cool stuff. The bands record label (Rise Records) sent fans into a frenzy when they tweeted out an cigarette emoji and then the band Retweeted it.

This lead to speculation that their song smoke would be their next single in the video series, and well……. They were right.

The video features the PVRIS ascetic we all know and love. It’s dark and meaningful yet carchy. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for!? Go do it NOW

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