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Vanessa Hudgens “Grease: Live” Solo Made Many Viewers Teary-Eyed

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

Vanessa Hudgens’ solo performance of “There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ took on a different tone for many watching “Grease: Live” Sunday night, in light of the news of her father passing away just hours earlier. The final verse of the song pulled at the heart strings. “But to cry in front of you is the worse thing I could do” she sings as the number came to a close.

The live audience burst out in applause and hundreds of fans who were watching the show at home shared their support for the star on Twitter for putting on a brave face after her devastating personal loss.

Many were overcome with emotions themselves and admired Hudgens bravery for going on with her live performance.



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