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Miss Colombia To Steve Harvey: “I Already Forgive You”

TVLine: After a month of anxiety, ridicule and even death threats, Steve Harvey can finally rest easy.

Harvey — who infamously named Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutiérrez the winner of last month’s Miss Universe pageant, before realizing his error and having her stripped of her crown just minutes later — received the gift of forgiveness when Gutiérrez visited his eponymous talk show on Tuesday. Better still, the affable first runner-up shared that she has no plans to sue the funnyman, either.

“Are you scared?” Gutiérrez giggled, after Harvey brought up rumors that the maligned beauty queen was meeting with attorneys. “I’m not gonna take your mansion. Not your car or your mansion.”

That was just one of several moments in which Gutiérrez playfully zinged Harvey. “Let’s break the ice. You keep making mistakes. It’s not Arianna, it’s Ariadna!” she scolded him after Harvey mispronounced her name in a pre-taped interview.

Later, when Harvey asked Gutiérrez how she felt about his handling of the Miss Universe winner’s announcement, she responded, utterly deadpan, “You have to learn how to read cards – because it was on the card,” before letting him off the hook by speculating, “you wanted me to win!”

Gutiérrez even snuck in a little joke when Harvey geared up for the interview’s big moment:
Harvey: Have you found forgiveness?

Gutiérrez: With you?

Harvey: With any of us — really with me, yeah.

Gutiérrez: I’m almost there — no, I’m kidding!

After Harvey joked that he was on the brink of stabbing himself in the eye with his pen just to elicit some sympathy, Gutiérrez told him, “I already forgive you,” adding that she’d reached that point the same night as the Miss Universe pageant.

“I thank you for forgiveness,” replied Harvey, tearing up. “I really, really needed that.”

After reviewing their favorite memes from the days and weeks following the pageant snafu, Harvey told Gutiérrez that he hopes God takes this moment “and shoots you to the moon,” promising to do whatever he could to help her along the way.

Gutiérrez, who said she initially blamed God in the moments after having her dream crushed, said she now thinks that perhaps, “I’m gonna be maybe bigger than just Miss Universe.”

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