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Shadow Hunters Recap And More  



  Yesterday we saw the launch of Freeform beginning the more progressive and relateable stages of what once was ABC family. Do not dispear though because they’re still delivering on bringing us good content.

Last night pretty little liars returned once again proving that they have some of the most paitent fans ever! I mean really who is A!!!???? You would think that we would know by now. Not to mention there was a 5 year time jump. Rosewood is still full of drama and unanswered questions and as per usual Emily’s life is a mess. If the season plays out like anything last night then we’re in for a wild ride.

Usually when watching your favorite show commercials are the last thing you care about. However this time around they got me pretty hyped.I can’t be alone right? They reminded us that the Fosters returns January 25th (I swear if Callie’s adoption gets revoked I’m going to loose it) Also Brandon seems to be very selfish in the previews, did anyone else get that vibe? Anyway also on the 25th we’ll see the series premiere of Recovery Road (a show about a teen with a substance abuse problem) sounds pretty promising to me.

During previews we even got a behind the scenes look of the 5th Wave movie. As a long time book reader and Chloë Grace Moretz fan I was all about it.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about last nights Freeform launch was the premier of Shadow Hunters. It’s a series based off of a book series by Cassandra Clair known as the Mortal Instruments (which I love)  and if you’re keeping score at home was also a major motion picture which for lack of a better word flopped.

Right off the bat I appreciated the choices that were picked for the lead roles more then I did with the film. If you’re not like me and haven’t read the books or seen the movie I promise I won’t spoil anything but I will catch you up to speed.

Shadow hunters tells the story of Clarie Fray. She’s your average 18 year old girl who’s into art, has an awesome best friend named Simon, has a fantastic relationship with her mother and even has a personal body guard named Luke. Sounds pretty normal right? That is until she starts drawing a mysterious symbol without even thinking twice about it. Not to mention she keeps seeing this beautiful blonde dude that no one else can see.

Wanting answers she wanders into a night club and ends up killing a guy (who ends up being a demon). After the mueder she frantically returns home to find her place ransacked and her mother nowhere to be found.
She ends up in an abandon church where she becomes properly introduced to beautiful blonde dude (Jace) and Izzy and Alec (who are brother and sister). She finds out that the three of them are Shadow Hunters and their job is to kill demons. Here’s the kicker though shadow hunters can only be seen by fellow shadow hunters and or demons.

Yep that’s right average everyday or should I say mundane Clarie isn’t so normal after all. Turns out the badest demon of all Valentine is  after Clarie and her family. Why? Well because Clarie’s mom (who is also a badass Shadowhunter) hid the mortal cup from him (it processes great power) and he wants it back.

I can promise you guys based on the first episode and knowing what I know Shadow Hunters is going to be an awesome ride that I look forward to sharing with you all.

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