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Paramore Releases Statement On Their Future 

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

The alternative pop rock band Paramore began playing music together in the early 00’s when their main members were still in high school. They’re debut album All we know is Falling was released in 2005 and it instantly gave them a devoted fan base. In 2007 they released their sophomore album Riot with hits like Misery Business and CrushCrushCrush that thrusted them into super stardom.

In 2009 their third album Brand New Eyes was released but with it came hardships. The band started experiencing some turmoil when founding members Josh and Zac Farro decided to leave the band after creative differences and frustration that had been building through the years.

The ParaFamily wondered what this would mean for the beloved band. In 2013 the now 3 piece (Haley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York) returned with their 4th album self titled Paramore. The album was their first album to give them a number one spot on the Billboard top 100. The same album earned them the right to headline shows in Madison square Garden. One of the singles off the album Ain’t it Fun scored the band their very first Grammy. After nearly 10 years the band was getting the success they had worked so hard to achieve and it was rightfully deserved.

Anybody that has been following the band from the beginning knows that it’s tough being a Paramore fan sometimes but it’s a ride that has always being worth it. You know what they say though with good comes hardships and tonight that couldn’t be more true
Paramore recently put out an official statement on their Facebook page that you can read here

In the statement it reads that long time Bass player Jeremy Davis will be leaving the band. The band continues to say that regardless of how hard this may be they feel that Paramore will continue to make music.

Jeremy Davis has been a part of Paramore since the early days but left the band before their debut album was released because he didn’t feel he was ready for fame. He returned in 06 and has been with the band since. In 2013 his wife Cat Davis gave birth to their daughter Bliss Buttercup Davis so really this choice to leave the band doesn’t come as much as a surprise to us.

As long time Paramore fans we here at feel bittersweet about the announcement but at the same time wish Jeremy and his family nothing but blessings and fully support his decision.

To Hayley and Taylor we also wish them well and look forward to what the future holds for Paramore 


Watch a playlist of Paramore’s hits:

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