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Crystal Pepsi Is Back!

Yes you read the headline right and yes we’re in 2015. If you grew up in the 90’s like us here at TrevorDecker.com then you understand the magnitude of excitement that this announcement carries.

Crystal Pepsi was a craze in the 90’s because after all who wouldn’t love clear cola? It’s craze was short lived though and the beloved drink disappeared and now is only talked about in moments of nostalgia.
That is until now, because today Pepsi has announced its relaunch with a 90’s themed commercial featuring square block computers, feel good dance music and even dial up!

As for actually getting your hands on the beverage, you can win a six-pack of the glorious soft drink  if you enter the soda giant’s sweepstakes via the Pepsi Pass app. (If it were a more ’90s-y promotion you could just see if you won by checking under the cap, but time makes fools of us all.) Winners will receive their prize “on or around December 24 with a maximum of one winner per household. Only Americans can win and a grand total of 13,000 Crystal Pepsi gifts are up for grabs.

Who feels like we just time traveled? We sure do and we won’t lie we’re super stoked about it.

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