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Amy Lee

Amy Lee Is Back! Former Evanescence Singer Covers Led Zeppelin Classic



Christmas has come 24 days early and that is because the haunting yet beautiful voice behind the band that was once known as Evenesence is back…. Yep you read that right Amy Lee is back.

No seriously guys this isn’t one of those times where you’re having a beautiful dream only to realize it’s just that, a dream. This is reality. Don’t believe us check Twitter she’s trending.

Amy Lee’s official YouTube channel uploaded a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Coming to California and it’s nothing short of amazing.

If you’ve ever been an angsty teenager (you know we all have) then it’s pretty safe to say songs like: my immortal, call me when you’re sober, going under or bring me back to life were all songs we listened too at one point and time.

Knowing that such a talent like Amy Lee has surfaced again after stepping away to focus on motherhood is quite possibly the best thing to happen in 2015.
Don’t believe us? Just listen to the cover. It’s beautiful we promise.