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SPOILERS: This Week’s “Girl Meets World” Reminds Us To Forgive Ourselves

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

In the latest episode of Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” we were reminded of a very important part of our lives, to forgive ourselves.

In the episode titled “Girl Meets The Forgiveness” – Cory gives the students an assignment to forgive someone for something they have done. Saying “change history”. While Riley attempts to forgive her little brother Auggie for ruining her favorite stuffed animal when he was 3, the core of the episode focuses on Maya attempting to forgive her father who walked out on her family.

Maya’s father, who’s name is “Kermit”( yes, like the frog) shows up at Topanga’s diner after Maya had invited him in the letter she had written. However their eventual discussion fails when Maya still can’t understand why he walked out on her and her mother.

When she believes that she has failed the project, Maya learns that the forgiveness Cory wanted her to attempt was not from her father, but more importantly herself. Admitting that he wasn’t expecting her to forgive her father right now “That kind of forgiveness doesn’t come so easy” Adding “Maya, did you forgive yourself?”

Elsewhere – Lucas, Zay and Farkle learn forgiveness in a more light-hearted way. When Lucas and Zay forgive Farkle for always spoiling the endings of movies by speaking out loud before something happens on screen.

The episode does a good job of mixing comedy and the reality of Maya’s struggle. Offering an emotional scene between Cory and Maya. Staying true to the original “Boy Meets World” series and the producer’s promise to tackle real issues and move beyond the typical formula the Disney Channel has been known for the last couple of decades.

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