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Faking it: Boiling Point (Recap)

NOTE: This article is 6 years old and may not include the most recent information.

 If you’re a fan of classic pop culture films then you definitely appreciated this weeks episode of Faking it. This weeks episode paid homage to the cult classic The Breakfast Club and it was great.

Having a diverse group of kids in detention that not only have their fair share of secrets but are in some ways a tight nit group of friends made it all the more perfect, and just like the Breakfast Club this episode was intense on the emotional leval.

Even though the reason for all of them being in detention in the first place was never really revealed it didn’t take away from the drama that unfolded in just a short 30 mins. (I know I can’t be the only one who wants this show to get a longer runtime).

Crap hit the fan quickly in this episode. It was finally put out in the open that Karma has yet to forgive Amy and Liam for their drunken hook up. It was also revealed that Liam’s dad gave Karma a check so that she would stay away from Liam, Liam admitted to Zeta kissing  him,  Lauren let it be known that Amy’s dad was back in the picture and Karma wasn’t thrilled. Amy pretty much confirmed the only feelings that matter are Karmas. I’m telling you a lot happened. Not to mention Theo and Lauren were caught making out in the hallway by Amy and Karma.

Let’s get down to the meat of the episode though shall we? Throughout the whole episode Shane is munching away at a pile of chocolate. Chocolate doesn’t take away all the pain though because he eventually breaks down daying that he’s the one who outted Amy and Karma as a couple, he’s the one who that outted Duke. He says he outs people and he’s a horrible person. Of course all his friends assured him that he’s not a horrible person and they come up with a plan for Shane to explain everything to Duke before he gets on the plane to leave.

Yes, what would a Breakfast Club parody be without a great escape. Luckily Felix is also in detention and with his dad being the principal and all he decides to have a sex Ed filled talk as a distraction so the rest of the group can get out unnoticed. The coolest part about the whole escape plan in my opinion was that Theo’s cop car was the getaway vehicle.

They all make it to the airport. Amy apparently is car sick so Theo leaves the car to fetch her some water, Amy feels like she’s going to loose her lunch so she aborts the car in a hurry, leaving  only Liam, Karma and Lauren in the car. Lauen being the brilliant soul she is can feel the awkwardness so she decides to flee the car as well.
If you’re keeping score at home they know leaves just Kiam in the car. The two have a conversation about the check. Karma admits she thought about cashing it but she ultimately gives it back to Liam. Meanwhile Amy and Lauren have a sweet conversation where Lauren says she’s not going to tell her dad about Amy’s mom having an affair because she actually likes this whole step sister thing. 

That’s not the only heartfelt conversation Amy has this episode though because her and Karma have a conversation about her astranged dad. Karma asks why didn’t Amy tell her about him being back and Amy says its because she knows that she wouldn’t of been happy. Karma explains that she’s only hard on Amy’s dad because he just comes and leaves as he pleases.

Now on to Duke and Shane. As much as Shane pleaded with Duke to satay Duke says he can’t and gets in the limo and leaves. Oh no, Duke and Shane are splitsville.

The episode ends with Liam setting up a trail of sticky notes in his dad’s office at Squirkal that leads to the check with fu** you written on it. Overall this episode was enjoyable. Next weeks episode teases a bunch of Karmy moments so it shall be good.
Until next time, see you guys next week.

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