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Halloweentown is a REAL thing!



 I think I may have discovered the single greatest thing to ever happen in the history of ever. Apparently in the town of St. Helens Orgen they recreate “HalloweenTown” and it’s a yearly thing! Why am I just now discovering this?! FYI St. Helens is where the first HalloweenTown was shot.

If this news that may or may not be a discovery to some isn’t already  hitting you all in your 90’s nostalgia feels then this next piece of information is going to give you heart palpitations so brace yourself.

Kimberly J. Brown who portrayed Marnie Piper in the HalloweenTown films posted a video on her YouTube channel announcing that she will be in St. Helens on October 10th to kick off the festivities. You can see the video here.

Anybody who is from St. Helens or is traveling to attend I ENVY YOU

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Halloweentown Cast Reuniting To Honor Debbie Reynolds



Kimberly J. Brown who starred in the ‘Halloweentown’ films for Disney Channel has announced that she and her fellow castmates will be reuniting to honor the late Debbie Reynolds who portrayed Aggie Cromwell in the films. Cast members will be journeying back to the city of St. Helens, Oregon, where Halloweentown was filmed, for the city’s annual Spirit of Halloweentown festival. The Spirit of Halloweentown is a celebration that brings to life the iconic town square from the Halloweentown movies. It even includes the giant jack o’lantern!

You can watch the announcement above.

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